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A quick winter tyre checklist

Date: August 22, 2017 | Categorycar tyres | By We Buy Cars | Tags: Winter car tyres

During winter season the driving style of many people changes, but it can badly affect the visibility and braking speeds. Thus, it is very important to keep your vehicle in an excellent condition during winter weather in order to enjoy safe drive. One of the main factors which affect safety while driving vehicles is the quality of tyres used in it.

Here we have given a quick winter tyre checklist that will help you to keep your vehicle in an optimal condition in winter weather.


  1. Check that all the four tyres are compatible

When choosing snow wheels for your vehicle, it is very important to ensure that all the four wheels are of same size and type.  Each one of them should have the same speed rating and load index. This will help in creating a good balance and the vehicle will offer safe rides on the road.

  1. Look out for the snowflake symbol

The severity of the snow varies significantly from one country to another. Therefore, it is imperative that all the vehicle owners should have best rated tyres in their automobiles. The best way to do this is buying the wheels that are specifically approved for driving in harsh snowy weather. In order to check if your heel is approved for harsh snow ensure to look for the snowflake symbol which is marked on the wheel.

  1. Check your vehicle’s snow tyre designation

Most of the auto manufacturers highlight the most suitable tyre for the vehicle within their snow tyre designation. Selecting an ideal tyre for a particular automobile can help vehicle owners to maintain good vehicle control and better road traction while driving in difficult wintery weather.

  1. Select ideal wheel rims and save big bucks

If you select perfect wheel rims for your auto tyres during the wintery conditions, it can save you time as well as money during the snow wheels installation and removal after the winter season. You can even take help of tyre retailers to determine which wheels are suited to particular rim styles in your automobile.

  1. Ensure to get a Comprehensive Warranty

Most of the people forget to get a comprehensive warranty on their wheels. And, they find its requirement only when they have purchased an inappropriate or low-quality set of wheels. Or when it’s too late to exchange the product. Thus, it is important to have a comprehensive warranty. Also, if your wheels suffer any mechanical problem while driving, comprehensive warranty will provide you an optimal solution to fix the defect.

Ultimately, make effective decisions while buying your next set of wheels. So as to get high level performance on the road for several years to come. You can review this quick checklist as it will ease the complete purchase process. Please consider these tips during the peak winter times and keep yourself safe.

Get an access to the massive inventory of used winter car tyres in Auckland and make sure that you drive your machine in a safe way.

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